Park City Sunrise
Aztec Art Ranch
2892 Desert Mountain Road
Peoa, UT 84061
United States of America

The Park City Sunrise Hoedown–A Heavy Equipment Contest

  1. If you’ve always wanted to operate something BIG – now’s your chance!  Two dueling trackhoes – 24 contestants – two teams!  Teams will be assigned at the site prior to the competition.
  2. Contestants’ Goal: Dig and backfill one small trench within 10 minutes
  3. $50 Entrance Fee to benefit the Park City Sunrise Rotary Grants Program.  Entrance fee payable by check made to Park City Sunrise Rotary and give to Gage, Monica or Lola or pay by club Venmo or PayPal
    a. Here is the Sunrise Rotary Venmo link: Sunrise Rotary Venmo LInk
    b. Here is the link to the Sunrise Rotary PayPal account (Note this is the same link to use to pay Membership dues): PayPal Checkout
  4. When: 3-5 pm Saturday, July 2 at the Aztec Art Ranch before the Change of Command Party.  Rain date July 16th.


How It Works:

24 contestants will be assigned to two teams. Each team will operate one of two track hoes.

All contestants will have 10 minutes to learn how to operate their track hoe with the goal of scooping and dumping at least one load of dirt.

Prior to the event, contestants will be sent a picture of the relevant controls to familiarize themselves with the operation of a track hoe.

At the event, expert track hoe operators will give each individual contestant hands-on training before allowing them time to scoop and dump on their own. After 10 minutes it will be the next team member’s turn.

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT! No alcohol. Scott and his son have emergency shutoff capabilities! All competitors must sign an individual waiver of liability form!